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MY STREET STYLE … Simone’s Street Style FAIL | Nuit Blanche 2012

One of the few decent photographs I took!

Last night, I attended Nuit Blanche for two reasons.  The first was to attend the event because I have never been. The second was to practice taking street style photographs which didn’t turn out as well as planned.

I’ve been reading about how street style photographers approach the task of actually taking photographs. The most common theme that arose is that street style photographing can’t really be taught. It’s a craft that you learn in the practice of doing. I saw several people with great style but Nuit Blanche is definitely not the right time to approach people. It’s very difficult and awkward to approach someone in a giant throng of people marching down Queen Street West.  I think it’s best to photograph people at fashion-related events for several reasons. The first being that they will be expecting street style photographers to be around and will be more willing to be photographed. Fashion-related events will also attract people who will be familiar with some of the blogs I will be researching. This was my original plan all along so it looks like I’m sticking to it. There are several fashion-related events in October so hopefully those will yield some good results.


One thought on “MY STREET STYLE … Simone’s Street Style FAIL | Nuit Blanche 2012

  1. I’ve struggled with taking pictures of street style myself. I feel like I’ll get shut down or make others uncomfortable by approaching random people with a camera. These days, who knows what people will do with it. So, I’ve decided to make blog card (biz card) to give to people strutting their style so as to invite them to engage in my project, and also, it beefs up my confidence, which I think is the key for me to go ahead and tap them on the shoulder… “um, you look great, can I take a picture of your outfit for my style blog?”… anyway, hitting up the events is a great idea, looking forward to what you capture out there!

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