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THOUGHT PROCESS | Online Exhibition, Magazine, Fashion Editorial … or some sort of hybrid?

Melodie Monrose in Vogue Japan’s October Issue

Now that I’m approaching the stage of actually creating my project, I’m starting to think about what it will actually look like. Yes, it will take the form of an online exhibition which will include original photographs, contributed photographs, interview responses but what will it actually look like? Since I’m preparing for my context presentation next week, I’ve been looking at different examples of online publications. What I’ve realized it that the ones that I find the most interesting are those that are called “online magazines” or “online fashion editorials.”

According to Google, an online exhibition is  “also referred to as a virtual exhibition or cyber-exhibition, is an exhibition whose venue is cyberspace.” Simple enough!

An online magazine “shares some features with a blog and also with online newspapers, but can usually be distinguished by its approach to editorial control. Magazines typically have editors or editorial boards who review submissions and perform a quality control function to ensure that all material meets the expectations of the publishers (those investing time or money in its production) and the readership.”  Some of this definition applies to what I want to do and some of it doesn’t. Of course, there aren’t any publishers involved with this project and the “editor” would be me. Hopefully the bloggers that are the subject of my research will contribute original content which I will edit and review.

I’m still trying to find the most appropriate definition of an online fashion editorial/online fashion editorial spread.  

The more I think about it “online exhibition” is probably the most appropriate term for what I’m going to make even though it may borrow from all these definitions.

to be continued …


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