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MY STREET STYLE | Bodega Fashion Show @ Mulberry Coffee House in Hamilton, ON

Last weekend, I attended Bodega Fashion Show held at Mulberry Coffee House so I could practice taking street style photographs. These photographs won’t be included in my MRP because they don’t necessarily fit in to the “black style” aesthetic. I can’t say that I am completely please with the results but I ended up taking up a few photos that I really enjoyed. I think I’ll have to go through a bit of a learning curve to learn how to handle my camera to get the type of photographs I like. The photographs that I liked the most were sort of in the style of Tommy Ton.

I learnt several things that I’ll take forward:

-Time: I’m working with a very short time frame in which I need to spot someone, approach them, take photographs and conduct a short interview and have them sign a consent form.

– Quantity: I need to take as many photographs as possible and hope that a few are successful.

– Environment: Even though I can’t control the environment I’m in, I need to try and take the best photographs I can.

– Confidence: Approach strangers can be daunting but most people are flattered to have their photographs taken for a street style project. I need to make the subject feel comfortable so that I can get successful photographs.

-Technology: Practice, practice, practice taking street style photographs and do research on how to take good street style photographs.

Anyway, here are a select few on the photographs from the evening!

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