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THOUGHT PROCESS | Updates, changes and random thoughts on my street style photographs

This post is all over the place which really reflects my mind right now, so yeah.

So, I think I finally figured out how I’m going to be taking my street style photographs from here on out. In the past week or so, I’ve been make an effort to find people to photograph on the street and through my own social network. I can say that I’m happy but not completely satisfied with the results. When it comes to finding people on the street, I find that if I go into certain clothing stores there’s a good chance I’ll find someone. Of course, this isn’t street style photography in the traditional sense but I think it’s ok to bend the rules in order to get the type of subjects I’m looking for.

As for my own social network, I kind of forgot that I know pretty stylish people that would work for this project. I’ve been hesitant to photograph these people because it brings into question the authenticity of my work. Again, this may not be street style photography in the traditional sense but if going through my friends and acquaintances results in good photographs that capture what I’m looking for, I think it’s ok to bend the rules.

I’ve found this interesting but cheesy quote that has helped me formalize the direction and format of my photographs.

“I approach street style as a mini-editorial shoot. If I do it right, the quality of the photos should be the same. The differences are your model has styled herself, she’s not being paid, you’ve only met her 30 seconds prior, and you’ve got five minutes, not 10 hours. Take a deep breath and think about making a great portrait … forget Photoshop and look at what’s in front of you. Composition, lighting, styling – what can you do in the moment? Think of yourself more as a director than a photographer. ” – Mr. Newton of mrnewton.net

This quote lead me to think about presenting the photographs in an “editorial” format which means multiple pictures of the same “model”.  Ideally (given the right environment and if the model is willing), my street style photographs will consists of a minimum of five photographs per model and will include frontal full length shots, full length side shots and close up shots on particular elements of the model’s outfit. I’m also doing verbal interviews which I have audio-recorded and transcribed. Each model which be asked four questions and their responses will be presented with the photographs of them. I’m also considering including my visual analyses of each “editorial” along with the interview responses and photographs.

to be continued … 


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