About me and On Black Style: The Blog

I’m second year graduate student in Ryerson University’s Fashion MA program. In basic terms, my Master’s Research Project (research paper and corresponding creative research project titled On Black Style), is an explorative study of black style and black identities as seen through the fashion blogosphere.  On Black Style will be presented as an online fashion magazine. Content derives from interviews with popular fashion bloggers of Black African descent, contributed photographs and original street style photographs of black style as found in Greater Toronto Area and Montrèal. This creative research project explores how the fashion blogosphere has allowed for a wide array of individuals of Black African descent to (re)define and progress sartorial representations of black identities in fashion media.  On Black Style is set to be unveiled in April 2013. Read more about the details of my Master’s Research Project here!

on black style (the blog) is meant to be my creative process journal for my Master’s Research Project.  I hope to post updates on a weekly basis. I truly appreciate and encourage your feedback. Send me an email at simone.aziga@ryerson.ca!

more about me  Simone Aziga’s interest in fashion began when she attended the Ebony Fashion Fair with her grandmother as a young girl. Ultimately, she is passionate about fashion media (both online and print) and promoting diversity within the fashion industry. In 2012, she completed an editorial/web internship at ELLE Canada Magazine where she worked closely with ELLE Canada’s web team. In 2011 she was awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, which recognizes academic excellence.

Simone holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) degree with Distinction from Queen’s University. As a mixed media artist, she deconstructs notions of femininity as seen through fashion. She begins her artistic progress by abstracting images from fashion magazines and developing them into oil paintings and sculptural forms. Her artwork has been showcased in solo and group exhibitions. Examples of her artwork can be viewed at simoneaziga.tumblr.com.  While studying at Queen’s, she was involved with a number of extra curricular activities, including her role as the Co-Editor In Chief of Lighthouse Wire Magazine, a student run publication.

Follow me on Twitter at @simoneVE. Send me an email at simone.aziga@ryerson.ca.


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